Encore Instrument Repair

Full Service Repair, Warranty & Essentials

Encore Instrument Repair: Dayton Musician's Service Since 1986

We work hard to provide world class repairs to any music instrument imaginable. This includes component level work on electronics, solid state and tube circuits, point-to-point and surface mount, luthier, wood and metal working, and an expertise with duct tape and superglue that is unimaginable.

The nature of the beast is that sometimes parts are simply not available to repair your equipment. If they are, we have a better chance of getting them than just about anyone else because of who we know, and where we dig (top secret stuff). In these cases, if a "duct tape work around" is possible to make your unit live to see another day, we'll advise you as to that option. Our goal is to "Keep You Jammin' " without breaking the bank, and in as quick a timeframe as possible. Sometimes our lead times can get long, but that is always only a result of the availability and delivery of needed parts.

Another reality is that increasingly so, equipment is being made by their manufacturers to NOT be repaired, but be thrown away when broken.  If you bring such an item into our shop, we'll tell you if it's worth fixing or not. Nothing keeps us up at night more than knowing we sold a $200 repair on a unit that could have been replaced for half that amount - we're just not going to do it.

We're proud small city people that love Dayton, love our families, and love serving musicians and the music they make.  You'll find us going out of our way to make it easy to work to us. Our business is far from lucrative, but we are rich in the relationships gained with all of you, the reputation we enjoy in our community,  and knowing that we play a vital role in supporting the creative community of our city.

~ the staff of Encore Instrument Repair

Full Service Repair, Warranty & Essentials