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Encore Instrument Repair: Dayton Musician's Service Since 1986

Celebrating 30 years!

"It's hard to believe it's been that long!", says Jess Nicely, our lead tech, who together with his wife Lana founded Dayton Musicians Service in 1986. 

The business endured plenty of changes over the years, but the largest have come in the last year, with the addition of Jeremy Mix as managing partner, a re-branding and the move from the long-standing Wyoming St. location to Downtown Dayton at 111 E. 4th St, Suite 102.

"I find the volume of business that Jess has serviced since 1986 to be quite the legacy to continue" says Jeremy Mix, "Over 30,000+ service tickets were fulfilled in that timeframe. With that in mind, I also find it encouraging to know that despite the naysayers, our location change has not been detrimental to service volume, but rather quite the drastic opposite. We've experienced phenomenal growth - enough that we've added several new techs to handle the deluge!  With that we've also added some new skillsets that will have us venturing into new areas in the near future."

We thank you all for the continued trust you place in us. We love our customers and looking forward to doing business with them for many years to come.

Full Service Repair, Warranty & Essentials